Dear diary, today was the worst...
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does no one realize that robin hood was a terrible role model for young kids? i mean you are stealing from people (illegal) and those people (usually) worked hard to get their wealth. it really demotivates people to succeed when they know they can get something someone else worked for.

is this what rich people worry about lmao

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i was told….

— customers who wanna start some shit (via quentintortellini)
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studying rocks is so fun and interesting geologists have the best job in the world

april fools fuck geologists get a real job idiots

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Frankie Knuckles - “Your Love” 


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i hate april fools. yall better leave me the hell alone

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do ya ever bring your pet up to a mirror and ur like “that you”

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Guys, I got a Bobby Hill tattoo yesterday.

This is perfect



Guys, I got a Bobby Hill tattoo yesterday.

This is perfect

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elizabethlovattBee Quilt

The material has been hand dyed with turmeric, tea and onions skins. Then hand printed with lino cuts to represent the larvae, workers, drones and the single queen bee. The quilt was then then pieced, quilted and bound by hand.

The bees are arranged in a rough imitation of the structure of a hive: the queen is surrounded by workers, each drone and larvae are attended by their own workers, while others form a circle to represent a “bee dance” and some stand guard at the entrance to the hive.

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i’m sorry, sir, i don’t know what is wrong with your car’s engine but if you open and close the hood like this, it looks like the car is talking

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